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Whether you’re a seasoned jet setter or a first-time flier, travel anxiety is real. It’s packing a week in advance. It’s setting your alarm five times, just in case you sleep through the first four. And it’s power walking through the airport even though you’re three hours early. 

While we can’t promise that a passport holder will get you to the boarding gate on time, we do believe that the right one has the uncanny ability to alleviate some of the stress we feel while queuing to go through security.

What do we mean by the right one?

The best passport holders are organized and compartmentalized. They’re easily accessible and fumble-free. They’ve added extra security measures so that you don’t have to worry about digital scammers. They’re lightweight and comfortable to carry. And, of course, they’re a stylish addition to your snug travel set. 

Crossing borders and clearing customs, we’ve gone the extra mile to unearth the brands that we believe will go places (literally and figuratively speaking.)

Here are our top passport holders—the ones that received our much sought-after stamp of approval. 

Why you can trust Luxe Digital? As travel enthusiasts and frequent flyers ourselves, we know a thing or two about luxury travel

As a digital nomad, I’ve personally tried dozens of the most popular passport holders, paying close attention to organizational features, security, and design. 

For more on how we tested our best passport holders, see our buyer’s guide at the end of this article. And for more on how we test products in general, see our  HAPPY philosophy for buying luxuries.

The 9 Best Passport Holders

Vaultskin Kensington Passport Holder

best passport holders vaultskin kensington passport holder - Luxe Digital

In our opinion, the Vaultskin Kensington passport is one of the most sophisticated, stealthiest passport holders. It’s sleek and slender, taking up very little of our precious packing space, while still making room for all the essentials. And it features enhanced RFID-blocking technologies—for us, an essential to a worry-free experience. 

Crafted from premium, durable leather, the RFID passport holder is designed to outlast countless excursions. Plus, the Vaultskin Kensington is the kind of elegant travel accessory that we’re proud to whip out at the boarding gate. 

Best for: Crossing borders with extra security. 

Cuyana Pebbled Passport Case

best passport holders cuyana pebbled passport case - Luxe Digital

Like everything from Cuyana that we own and love, this is a gorgeous leather passport holder that we’re proud to display. Minimalist yet luxurious, the simple design speaks to our commitment to buying fewer, better things. While the quality and durability of the travel accessory are evident in its impeccable stitching and careful attention to detail. 

Made from sustainable Italian leather, the Cuyana Passport Case is the perfect gift for seasoned travelers. It even comes with the option for personalized monogramming—a sentimental detail that we seldom can resist. 

Best for: Making essentials decadent. 

Material: Italian leather

Vincero The Passport Wallet

best passport holders vincero the passport wallet - Luxe Digital

You might recognise Vincero for their affordable watches (we told you all about them in our Vincero watches review), however did you know that the brand also makes some seriously good accessories too? If you’re a traveler who prefers to keep all your cards and documents in one place, the Vincero Passport Wallet is the perfect accessory. With smaller slots for cards, cash and boarding passes and a bigger sleeve for the passport, you won’t have to worry about keeping track of a wallet and passport holder while on the move. 

While it’s often considered the best passport holder for men, we can’t see why women wouldn’t appreciate the minimalist Vincero Passport Wallet just as much. 

Best for: A multifunctional all-in-one travel accessory. 

Material: Italian leather

Bellroy Travel Folio

best passport holders bellroy travel folio - Luxe Digital

Multifunctional with many additional features, the Bellroy Travel Folio is a testament to the brand’s innovative approach to seamless travel. 

The first thing we noticed was that the passport cover had effective RFID protection, alleviating the stress of digital scamming. We also appreciated the smaller details, such as SIM and ejector pin storage, as well as a micro pen. These may seem like tiny details, but they really do make all the difference when arriving in a new country after a sleepless night. 

Made from eco-tanned leather, the Bellroy Travel Folio is also sleek, organized and sustainable, making it the perfect gift for eco-conscious travelers. 

Best for: Preventing tired mishaps. 

Harber London Passport Wallet

best passport holders harber london passport wallet - Luxe Digital

As big advocates of the British brand, we love all the things Harber London, including the brand’s gorgeous designer passport holder. Handcrafted from full-grain leather, the sophisticated travel accessory reflects the level of care and attention to detail that goes into every Harber London product. 

Looks aside, the Harber London Passport Wallet is also one of the most practical accessories we tried. RFID-blocking technology provides peace of mind against data theft. The magnetic closure keeps documents secure but easily accessible. And the cardholder design means that you don’t have to carry an additional wallet. 

Best for: Fashion meets functionality. 

Away Passport Wallet

best passport holders away passport wallet - Luxe Digital

When packing for a big trip, it’s easy to get carried away. Which is why we love a sleek leather passport holder to keep us in check, such as this one by Away

With just enough room for the essentials, the travel wallet has four card slots, a cash and boarding pass slip, as well as a passport compartment. The minimalist design is slender enough to fit into our back pocket. And we love that the Away Passport Wallet comes in four unique colorways—one for every member of the family. 

Best for: Sticking to the essentials. 

Beis The Passport Luggage Tag Set

best passport holders beis the passport luggage tag set - Luxe Digital

The Beis The Passport Luggage Tag Set is a game-changer for seamless travel coordination. This unique combo of a passport holder and a luggage tag set is designed to solve all travel complications. The set even comes in a transparent zip bag, perfect for sailing liquids through security. 

The travel document holder is thoughtfully sized with essential slots, doubling up as a travel wallet. And we love that everything matches. 

This Beis set makes us feel totally put together, even when catching an early flight. 

Best for: Providing everything you need and more.

Material: Vegan leather

Dagne Dover Travel Accordion

best passport holders dagne dover travel accordion - Luxe Digital

The Dagne Dover Travel Accordion is stylish enough to resemble a beautiful leather purse, but it comes with the addition of a quintessential passport slot. That being said, it is slightly bulkier than some of the other passport holders, but because we use it as our everyday travel wallet, we kind of like that it fits seven cards. 

Made from sustainably sourced pebbled leather and recycled reprieve lining, the Dagne Dover Travel Accordion is the perfect gift for eco-chic travelers. We also appreciate that the magnetic closure makes travel documents readily available, so as not to delay the boarding queue.

Learn more about Dagne Dover in our dedicated brand story.

Best for: Leaving nothing behind. 

Senreve Passport Holder

best passport holders senreve passport holder - Luxe Digital

As expected, this designer passport holder by Senerve is a little more expensive than the others on our list. But if you’re looking to really treat yourself, you don’t get a more decadent travel accessory. 

Made in Italy from premium leather, the timeless passport holder is scratch; stain; and water-resistant. The micro-suede interior is incredibly soft, featuring four main compartments for cards, cash, boarding passes—and, of course, our passport. 

The Senreve passport holder is the kind of accessory you keep for a lifetime, so in our opinion, it’s totally worth it. 

Best for: Your passport to a lifetime of adventure. 

Material: Italian leather

Buyer’s guide: Choosing the right passport holder

Selecting the perfect passport holder for your travels can be an essential part of your trip planning. With a variety of styles, types, and features available, this guide aims to help you navigate your choices.


Organization: Passport holders are designed to keep your travel documents, such as passports, boarding passes, and visas, in one convenient location. This organization is invaluable in reducing stress during travel, as it ensures all your essential documents are easily accessible.

Protection from wear and tear: Regular travel can quickly wear down important documents. A passport holder offers a protective layer, safeguarding these documents from damage due to spills, tears, or creases.

Style: Beyond functionality, passport holders come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials. Choosing a holder that matches your personal style can add a fun touch to your travel ensemble.


Extra step: Adding a passport holder to your travel routine means one more item to remember. For minimalist travelers, this extra piece might feel like an unnecessary complication.

Extra bulk: Passport holders, depending on their design, can add extra bulk to your carry-on. If you prefer to travel light, consider the size and weight of the holder.


Passport wallet: A passport wallet is a comprehensive option, often equipped with multiple compartments for storing cards, cash, and other small items alongside your passport. Ideal for those who want everything in one place.

Passport sleeve: Sleeves are slim and lightweight, designed to encase just the passport. This type is perfect for travelers who prefer minimalism and want to protect their passport without added bulk.

Passport pouch: A pouch is a larger option that can be worn around the neck or on the belt, providing easy access to your documents. It’s a good choice for those who want to keep their documents secure but readily accessible.


Organization: Look for a passport holder with adequate compartments and slots tailored to your specific needs. Some come with dedicated spaces for boarding passes, currency, and other travel essentials.

Security: With the rise in electronic theft, a passport holder with RFID-blocking technology is a wise choice. This feature prevents unauthorized scanning of your digital information.

Material: The durability and appearance of your passport holder depend significantly on the material. Leather offers a classic, durable choice, while synthetic materials can provide water resistance and a more casual look.

Size and portability: Consider how the holder fits into your overall travel gear. A compact, lightweight holder is easier to carry, especially for those who pack light.

Closure mechanism: The type of closure (zipper, snap, magnetic) can affect both the security and ease of access to your documents.

Frequently asked questions about passport holders

Are passport wallets useful?

Passport wallets are highly useful for travelers. They offer a secure and organized way to carry essential travel documents, like passports, boarding passes, and currencies. Their compact design and protective features safeguard these items from damage and theft.

What is the best travel document holder?

The best travel document holder balances functionality and style. It should be durable, with multiple compartments for passports, tickets, and cards. RFID-blocking technology is a plus for security against electronic theft.

What is the strongest passport in the world?

The strongest passport in terms of global mobility is often a contest between Japan and Singapore, granting visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to about 192 countries. Passport strength is dynamic and can change based on geopolitical developments and international agreements.

What do you put in a passport wallet?

You would typically store your passport, boarding passes, and important travel documents in a passport wallet. It’s also common to include other essentials like currency, credit cards, and identification cards. Some might add travel insurance details, emergency contacts, and hotel reservation confirmations.

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