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Czinger Vehicles has looked to the skies for inspiration for the latest version of the C21.

The American-based manufacturer unveiled a new variant based on its outrageously powerful, 3-D-printed hypercar called the Blackbird Edition at Monterey Car Week. The vehicle’s striking all-black design pays tribute to the Lockheed SR-71 spy plane.

It’s hard to find a hypercar that hasn’t stolen at least a few visual cues from a high-performance aircraft. Still, the C21, with its narrow figher jet-esque cockpit and tandem seats, takes things to another level. That’s why it’s fitting that the second variant unveiled since the vehicle made its debut in 2020 would feature an exterior that draws directly from a famous plane. And there’s really no better choice than the SR-71—which was nicknamed the Blackbird—a long-range, high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft that could fly at speed in excess of Mach 3.

The Blackbird Edition retains the C21’s distinctive shape but comes with a sinister all-black paint job. Almost every part is finished in a glossy bespoke color called, appropriately, Jet Black, according to Road & Track. In the back, enthusiasts may notice that the exhaust setup has been redesigned to resemble the spy plane’s afterburners. The hypercar also rides on a new set of wheels with spokes that look just like the SR-71’s silhouette. The vehicle’s cramped cabin also has more titanium components, bringing it more in line with the plane’s cockpit.

The Blackbird Edition’s modifications aren’t just limited to the superficial. The vehicle’s hybrid powertrain—which mates a 2.9-liter V-8 with four front-mounted electric motors—has also been reworked so that it churns out an extra 100 hp, boosting total output to 1,350 horses. No performance numbers were announced, but the standard C21 already owns the Laguna Seca lap record, and it wouldn’t be a complete shock if the more powerful version is even faster.

The Czinger C21 Blackbird Edition and the Lockheed Martin SR-71

The Czinger C21 Blackbird Edition and the Lockheed Martin SR-71

Czinger Vehicles/YouTube

The C21 Blackbird Edition will only be produced in limited numbers, but it’s unclear how exclusive it will be. Czinger plans to build just 80 examples of its $1.7 million hypercar, and it’s assumed that number includes both this variant and the previously announced V Max.

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