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Caviar, the jewel of gastronomy, sparkles with an allure that captivates the soul. Each delicate bead encapsulates a world of tradition and elegance, a symbol of prestige that unlocks flavors and lingers in memory. Every bite is filled with whispers of aristocracy, palatial halls, and grandeur.

The most expensive caviar is where storied history intersects with rarity and perfection. The ethereal flavor profiles intertwine the worlds of taste and opulence, rolling out the red carpet to hefty price tags and unbridled extravagance.

Going beyond a mere dish and elevating to the status of an experience, caviar is a testament to refinement and a luxurious embrace of culinary art.

11. Iranian Osetra Caviar – $5,000 per kg

most expensive caviar iranian osetra caviar - Luxe Digital

The Iranian shores of the Caspian Sea are renowned for traditional methods of caviar production, processing, and salting. Osetra, also spelled Ossetra or Osietra, is one of the most flavorful and coveted among all Iranian caviars.

As one of the world’s most expensive caviars, it fills your palate with a nutty and buttery taste, exhibiting colors that range from deep black to light gold. Although generally delicate in texture, Iranian Osetra tends to be one of the firmer types of sturgeon caviar.

  • Price: Up to $5,000 per kg
  • Origin: Iran
  • Variety of sturgeon fish: Osetra

10. Russian Imperial Golden Osetra Caviar – $5,200 per kg

most expensive caviar russian imperial golden osetra caviar - Luxe Digital

This exquisite caviar comes from Osetra sturgeon in the Caspian Sea or Sea of Azov. Although the large, semi-soft caviar of all Osetra is prized, the Imperial Golden Osetra caviar is an even more exclusive and sought-after delicacy.

With only a 10% chance of featuring this glittering gold tone, this variety offers a rich profile and a slightly brinier finish. It’s an ideal choice for elevating your evening with the most expensive caviars available.

  • Price: Up to $5,200 per kg
  • Origin: Russia
  • Variety of sturgeon fish: Osetra 

9. Sevruga Classic Gray Caviar – $5,400 per kg

most expensive caviar sevruga classic gray caviar - Luxe Digital

Harvested from the small Sevruga sturgeon, this high-end caviar is celebrated for its intense creamy flavor, accented by a touch of hazelnut, and a lingering aftertaste that’s both luxurious and unique. 

Indigenous to the Caspian and Black Seas, Sevruga sturgeon are now successfully farmed in various regions, including the Caspian Sea, Italy, and the United States, reflecting the global appreciation and demand for this exquisite caviar. This broader cultivation also aids in sustainability, helping to protect the Sevruga sturgeon, an ancient and sensitive species.

  • Price: Up to $5,400 per kg
  • Origin: Caspian and Black Seas
  • Variety of sturgeon fish: Sevruga 

8. Tsar Nicoulai Golden Reserve – $6,000 per kg

most expensive caviar tsar nicoulai golden reserve - Luxe Digital

Boasting a radiant golden hue and large, buttery beads, the Golden Reserve caviar is an American gem. Sourced exclusively from the majestic California white sturgeon population, this caviar encapsulates indulgence and offers elegant aesthetics with a delightful taste.

Whether perched atop lightly toasted bread or enhancing a complex dish at the best Michelin Star restaurants, its presence transforms an ordinary meal into a culinary masterpiece. With every bite, the Golden Reserve reveals a new world of flavor complexity and texture.

  • Price: Up to $6,000 per kg
  • Origin: United States
  • Variety of sturgeon fish: California white

7. Russian Volga Reserve Osetra Caviar – $6,000 per kg

most expensive caviar russian volga reserve osetra caviar - Luxe Digital

Unlike many sturgeon caviars sourced from younger fish, this unparalleled delicacy comes from seasoned Osetra sturgeon at least 35 years old, resulting in a caviar price above most. It is celebrated for large pearls filled with briny flavors and unique milkiness.

Harvested from the Caspian Sea and processed using time-honored Russian methods, Volga Reserve Osetra Caviar is only available during extremely limited periods. It is a treasure in the world of caviar, embodying tradition and a flavor profile sought after by connoisseurs everywhere.

  • Price: Up to $6,000 per kg
  • Origin: Russia
  • Variety of sturgeon fish: >35-year-old Osetra

6. Osetra Karat Gold Caviar – $6,800 per kg

most expensive caviar osetra karat gold caviar - Luxe Digital

Coming from Osetra sturgeon in the pristine Jordan River waters fed from Mount Hermon, this extraordinary taste sensation is a culinary marvel. The golden beads are flecked with amber and open with a creamy texture that unfolds into a delicate nuttiness.

Each pearl meets the highest standards, providing an adventure for the senses. Osetra Karat Gold Caviar is an example of nature’s finest artistry through an opulent gourmet experience that’s sure to please.

  • Price: Up to $6,800 per kg
  • Origin: Israel
  • Variety of sturgeon fish: Osetra

5. Beluga Hybrid Caviar – $9,000 per kg

most expensive caviar beluga hybrid caviar - Luxe Digital

When the Beluga sturgeon became rare, Italy undertook novel efforts to assist the population. The result is this hybrid creation that joined the iconic prestige of the Beluga caviar with the unique qualities of the Siberian sturgeon.

The milder taste quickly became a favorite in the distinguished world of caviar, offering a slightly nutty profile with a smooth, buttery texture. It retained the charm of its lineage while capturing the essence of two magnificent species in each bite.

The admiration for Beluga Hybrid Caviar affirms that innovation paired with tradition can help preserve the finest tastes in caviar. This timeless indulgence connects both past and present, luxury and sustainability.

  • Price: Up to $9,000 per kg
  • Origin: Italy
  • Variety of sturgeon fish: Beluga-Siberian hybrid

4. Golden Imperial Russian Osetra Caviar – $9,700 per kg

most expensive caviar golden imperial russian osetra caviar - Luxe Digital

Rumored to be once destined solely for the Russian Tsar, these large velvety golden pearls stand as a symbol of eminence. Each bite blends notes of pine nuts, pecans, and a hint of brine, along with an elegant finish.

This unique offering comes from Osetra farmed with exceptional care and is only available in limited quantities. Every taste is an intimate and cherished contact that transcends time and connects with distinguished nobles.

  • Price: Up to $9,700 per kg
  • Origin: Russia
  • Variety of sturgeon fish: Osetra 

3. Special Reserve Kaluga Huso Hybrid Caviar – $17,600 per kg

most expensive caviar special reserve kaluga huso hybrid caviar - Luxe Digital

Another marriage between two sturgeon sits behind the species for this rare treat with a caviar price near the highest in the world. Both native to the Amur River basin, the Beluga and Amur sturgeons created a natural hybrid that brought in the rich Beluga flavors with the bold earthy tones of the Amur.

Only the finest selection meets the Special Reserve label, surpassing all expectations and delivering hand-selected perfection to your table. It’s a versatile selection that many connoisseurs enjoy alone with a mother-of-pearl spoon in a refined culinary journey.

  • Price: Up to $17,600 per kg
  • Origin: Russia
  • Variety of sturgeon fish: Amur-Beluga hybrid

2. Iranian Almas Caviar – $34,500 per kg

most expensive caviar iranian almas caviar - Luxe Digital

Relished by ancient Persian royalty, Alexander the Great, and Peter the Great of Russia, Iranian Almas Caviar is an ultra-exclusive delicacy with a history spanning thousands of years. 

Harvested only from wild, mature Albino Beluga sturgeons, the extreme scarcity makes it the most expensive Beluga caviar in the world, if you can find it. The term Almas translates to diamonds, showcasing the rare caviar’s essence of luxury and unmatched quality.

For those seeking the epitome of culinary opulence resonating with extravagance, this expensive Beluga caviar is the ultimate choice.

  • Price: Up to $34,500 per kg
  • Origin: Iran
  • Variety of sturgeon fish: Albino Beluga

1. Strottarga Bianco Caviar – $113,600 per kg

most expensive caviar strottarga bianco caviar - Luxe Digital

Austrian fish farmer Walter Gruell and his son Patrick take up to a decade to harvest each batch of this exceedingly expensive caviar. As the snow melts from the Austrian mountains, it provides pure unpolluted waters for the Siberian Albino sturgeon caviar fish to grow. The white caviar eventually harvested is some of the finest in the world.

Unlike most caviar experiences, the Gruell team seasons and dehydrates each batch, leading to the lengthy creation’s unique appeal. And to ensure that the splendor of the grand experience shines in the spotlight, 22-karat gold flakes join the dehydrated caviar.

Although some caviar traditionalists do not find it comparable to the other valuable types of caviar, the six-figure price tag undoubtedly puts Strottarga Bianco Caviar on this list of the most expensive caviar in the world.

  • Price: ~$113,600 per kg
  • Origin: Austria
  • Variety of sturgeon fish: Siberian Albino

What fish does caviar come from?

Traditional caviar comes from sturgeon, a type of fish primarily located in the Caspian, Black, and Azov Seas, as well as Mediterranean basins and North American rivers. 

Sturgeon species include the Beluga, Osetra, Sevruga, and Sterlet, each providing a unique type of caviar. Hybrid sturgeon populations have been located in wild populations and created in controlled settings. Beluga caviar is the most sought-after and expensive.

Sturgeons are large fish, with many mature examples reaching 10 feet (3 m) in length and over 300 pounds (130 kg). The largest species is the Beluga, clocking in at over 23 feet (7 m) long and almost 3,500 pounds (~1,600 kg).

Where does caviar come from?

Caviar comes from sturgeon fish that are mostly found in the Caspian and Black Seas, Italy, and the United States. The wild populations have rapidly dwindled in size. And the increasing rarity of these wild fish has forced many caviar suppliers to turn to farming methods.

Sturgeon caviar fish farming operations are now located throughout the globe in Russia, Iran, Italy, China, and the United States. Many organizations import fingerlings to the fishery, then breed and grow the population in ideal conditions with ultra-pure water and the finest diets.

How much does caviar cost?

Caviar is an expensive culinary delectable with a wide range of prices that depend on factors like rarity, harvest requirements, and demand. How much is caviar? Common caviar from farmed sturgeon may cost as little as $50 per kilogram and upwards of $500 per kilogram.

But for the most exclusive and tantalizing varieties, prices can reach staggering heights. To many, the most desirable is Iranian Almas Caviar, which comes from an exceedingly rare wild Albino Beluga and can sell for up to $34,500 per kg. Special Reserve Kaluga Huso Hybrid Caviar is another high-priced caviar at $17,600 per kg.

You can find many other expensive caviars hitting a price between $5,000 and $10,000 per kg. These include caviars from Osetra, Sevruga, and hybrid species.

Why is caviar so expensive?

One of the main drivers for the cost of caviar is the extensive time it takes for the massive sturgeon to reach maturity. It often takes at least 10 years for them to grow to a size where caviar can be harvested, and in some cases, upwards of 35 years.

Another reason that helps answer “How expensive is caviar?” is the scarcity of fish. With wild populations dropping, the process has become more time-consuming and controlled. It has also increased regulatory efforts and conservation requirements.

On top of that, the egg extraction process must be handled with extreme care. It’s a labor-intensive activity where skilled workers often remove the caviar by hand to avoid damage.


With a unique blend of exquisite taste, time-honored tradition, and luxurious indulgence, the most expensive caviar rules as one of the world’s most exclusive and cherished experiences. The artisanal touch of a seasoned fisherman joins the other-worldly creation from the sturgeon fish to create an elevation in edible delicacies.

The most expensive caviars in the world are:

  1. Strottarga Bianco – $113,600 per kg
  2. Iranian Almas Caviar – $34,500 per kg
  3. Special Reserve Kaluga Huso Hybrid Caviar – $17,600 per kg
  4. Golden Imperial Russian Osetra Caviar – $9,700 per kg
  5. Beluga Hybrid Caviar – $9,000 per kg
  6. Osetra Karat Gold Caviar – $6,800 per kg
  7. Russian Volga Reserve Osetra Caviar – $6,000 per kg
  8. Tsar Nicoulai Golden Reserve – $6,000 per kg
  9. Sevruga Classic Gray Caviar – $5,400 per kg
  10. Russian Imperial Golden Osetra Caviar – $5,200 per kg
  11. Iranian Osetra Caviar – $5,000 per kg

Frequently asked questions about the most expensive caviar

What is the most expensive caviar?

The most expensive caviar is the gold-flake-infused Strottarga Bianco at $113,600 per kg. The Iranian Beluga Almas is the traditionalists’ top choice at $34,500 per kg, followed by the Special Reserve Kaluga Huso Hybrid at $17,600, the Golden Imperial Russian Osetra at $9,700, and the Beluga Hybrid at $9,000.

What is the most expensive color of caviar?

The most expensive color of caviar is golden-white featured in Strottarga Bianco at $113,600 per kg and the Iranian Albino Beluga Almas Caviar at $34,500 per kg. Golden caviars are expensive due to their rarity and unsurpassed flavor.

Why is caviar the most expensive food in the world?

Caviar is the most expensive food in the world mainly due to production difficulty and scarcity. Sturgeons take at least 10 years to mature and are harvested with a labor-intensive process. The wild populations are dwindling while demand for the exclusive edible remains high.

What caviar is the best?

The best caviar is the Iranian Almas Caviar from Albino Beluga Sturgeon, costing up to $34,500 per kg. Strottarga Bianco is the most expensive caviar at $113,600 per kg, but it’s dehydrated and uses gold flakes. Other top choices include Kaluga Huso Hybrid, Golden Imperial Osetra, and Beluga Hybrid Caviar.

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