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Campfire, the Frankenstein blend of scotch, bourbon, and rye whiskey from Utah distillery High West, has made its return for 2023. And for the first time the rye in this annual release was distilled in-house at the High West facility located just outside of Park City.

All of the whiskey in this year’s Campfire release is between four and eight years old, with each element bringing a specific flavor note to the palate—smoke from the scotch, sweetness from the bourbon, and spice from the rye. The breakdown of the 2023 Campfire batch is as follows—rye whiskey with a 95 percent rye mash bill from MGP in Indiana, bourbon with a mash bill of 75 percent corn and 21 percent rye also from MGP, High West-produced rye with a mash bill of 80 percent rye and 20 percent malted rye, and blended malt scotch whisky from an undisclosed distillery (meaning no grain whisky in the blend). Campfire was bottled at 46 percent ABV and the elaborate tasting notes include grilled nectarine, smoked butterscotch, chocolate-covered peanuts, raspberry compote, hickory-smoked apple fritters, and salted caramels on the palate.

There’s a good cause associated with the release of this whiskey as well. As this summer has made very clear around large swaths of the country, there has been an increase in intensity and frequency of wildfires in recent years. “Wildfire season in the West is no longer just a season, it’s year-round,” said High West GM Daniel Schear in a statement. “As the true whiskey of the West, High West has only become more committed to protecting our backyard.” That means the distillery is continuing its Protect the West initiative and will donate $50,000 to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting the men and women who battle these blazes.

Campfire is available for a limited time starting August 4th (SRP $80). If you want to get your hands on previous releases of Campfire check out Drizly, and you can find the entire High West lineup available for purchase from ReserveBar.

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