Is Maruti planning to launch more hybrid cars?


• Focus is more on flex-fuel and hybrid cars

• Fuel efficiency is a big reason behind the success of hybrid cars

Maruti Suzuki achieved a new milestone in 2023 by selling 2 million cars in India. This also includes the company’s highest-ever export of 2,69,046 units. To understand this rapid growth and Maruti’s future plans, we spoke to the Shashank Srivastava, Senior Executive Director, Sales and Marketing, Maruti Suzuki.

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In the crowd of petrol and diesel; vehicles, hybrids, electric, and CNG options stand out as safe and cost-effective options for the environment, an understanding shared by  Srivastava. He mentioned that 56 per cent of Maruti’s portfolio in the country consists of CNG cars. The company plans to have 25 per cent hybrid, 15 per cent electric, and 16 per cent flex-fuel (bio-gas blend) cars in the country soon.

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Why hybrid cars are gaining popularity?

In the coming months, this Japanese automaker may launch the hybrid version of its five-seater Swift in India. Notably, the Brezza has also been equipped with a smart hybrid system, which significantly improves its fuel efficiency.

The company believes that mileage and range anxiety are major reasons for the popularity of these hybrid cars. It’s worth noting that apart from the Grand Vitara, Maruti also has the Invicto in its hybrid line-up. So far, Maruti has only showcased one electric car, the eVX, which they plan to introduce into the market by the end of the year.

Recently, at the India Mobility Show in Delhi, the brand showcased the Brezza running on compressed biomethane gas. In fact, most Maruti cars now come with CNG options.

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