New Porsche Taycan: 320kW charging, 422 miles and 939bhp


Meanwhile, a Formula E-derived ‘push to pass’ function, included in the Sport Chrono options pack, can add up to 94bhp for 10 seconds at a time.

The top-rung Taycan Turbo S, with a full 939bhp at its disposal in its most potent setting, can now sprint from 0-62mph in just 2.4sec – 0.4sec quicker than the pre-facelift car – which makes it one of the fastest-accelerating cars you can buy in the UK today.

The single-motor 429bhp Taycan, meanwhile, shaves 0.6sec off its sprint time to 4.8sec.

Range and charging

However, the bulk of the investment in this update has gone towards making the Taycan – which was already one of the longest-range and quickest-charging EVs on sale – more efficient.

As a result, it can now cover up to 35% more miles between charges, according to Porsche. The longest range – 422 miles on the WLTP combined cycle – is claimed by the rear-driven, single-motor Taycan equipped with the optional Performance Battery Plus, which at 105kWh is a chunky 12kWh bigger than before.

Comprising 396 individual pouch cells arranged into 33 modules, this new battery uses a different chemistry that boosts energy density and reduces internal resistance, which means the charging speed can be increased too.

As well as reclaiming its place among the UK’s longest-range electric cars, this means that the Taycan is once again officially the fastest-charging EV on sale, because it can now top up at speeds of 320kW – 50kW quicker than before – at suitable chargers.

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