Oppenheimer Box Office Collection Day 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 [Updated]


Oppenheimer box office collection reports are just insane and the numbers are not expected that much. This is a movie that everyone is talking about these days, the film is made in the life of physicist J Robert who is famous for creating the atomic bomb.

The film was released on 21 July 2023 and it has already received too many awards and positive reviews from critics and viewers. On the opening day, Oppenheimer performed very well at the box office and earned 13.50 crore in India including all languages. It has created a new record for Hollywood films in the country as Christopher’s brilliant storytelling has amazed everyone this time.

Oppenheimer Box Office Collection

Oppenheimer Box Office Collection

Day Box Office Collection
Day 1 (Friday) 13.5 Crores INR
Day 2 (Saturday) 17 Crores INR
Day 3 (Sunday) 17.25 Crores INR
Day 4 (Monday) 7 Crores approx
Day 5 (Tuesday) 6.25 Crores (early estimates)
Total Collection Till Now 55.75 Crores INR

The movie Oppenheimer had an amazing start and it is continuously performing well at the box office. People were excited about this film because it was directed by the famous Christopher Nolan. The movie features Cillian Murphy who is the main lead actor and plays the role of physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer.

Famous movie critics and audiences were impressed by the storyline and direction of the film. There are many positive reviews by viewers which is the main reason for the increment in the box office collection of Oppenheimer. The positive reviews are now continuing and it is the main reason for the hit of the film. The viewers have rated it 8.8 stars out of 10 on Bookmyshow and 8.9 stars out of 10 on IMDb which is insane.

Oppenheimer Box Office Collection Day 6 In India

On Day 6, Oppenheimer continued to do well at the box office. The film collected 6.00 Crores INR from English and Hindi versions which were good. There was a big increase in the collection on the third day was not surprising because the film did an excellent job of showing Oppenheimer’s life and how important he was in creating the atomic bomb.

Theatrical Occupancy Of Oppenheimer Day 6

Show Time English (2D) Hindi (2D)
Morning Shows 14.61% 8.59%
Afternoon Shows 0% 0%
Evening Shows 0% 0%
Night Shows 0% 0%

Oppenheimer Box Office Collection Day 5 In India

The movie had an amazing collection at the box office on Day 5 and it collected 6.25 Crores INR India including English and Hindi languages. The strong start of Oppenheimer can be credited to its story, drama, historical importance, and the excitement for Christopher Nolan’s directing skills.

All the positive reviews and the response from Hollywood movie lovers will make it a successful film of 2023 at the box office in the upcoming days. And, more people are going to watch it in theatres because of that.

Theatrical Occupancy Of Oppenheimer Day 5

Language English (2D) Hindi (2D)
Morning Shows 14.77% 7.58%
Afternoon Shows 17.35% 11.26%
Evening Shows 22.31% 11.86%
Night Shows 21.31% 11.61%

Oppenheimer Box Office Collection Worldwide

The film has earned $174 million worldwide which is a huge achievement. This makes it the highest-earning Hollywood movie of 2023 and it has already become the 4th highest opening for a Hollywood film in India in the past two years. Oppenheimer’s first day collection was also too good and Indian audiences loved the movie too because of the biographical point.

It is expected to make around $80 million in the USA and a similar amount in other countries. The film is also doing exceptionally well in India with the highest ticket prices ever recorded for a Hollywood movie. Also, people in India are giving it such amazing reviews on IMDb.

Oppenheimer Hit or Flop – Box Office Prediction?

As of now, it is not clear whether Oppenheimer will be a hit or a flop. Looking at the box office reports from its opening days, there are clear signs that the film will be a Big Hit. The film has made an 13.5 Crores INR on Day 1 and even more on Day 2 which is a strong start at the box office.

The movie has received positive feedback from both critics and audiences because of showing physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer’s life so intelligently, the excellent direction by Christopher Nolan has taken this film to another level. The occupancy rates during morning shows in both English and Hindi languages have also been high which indicates a positive trend in its theatrical performance.

What was Oppenheimer’s Budget?

This is a big-budget movie whose production cost is around 820 crores INR. This huge investment is done for this impressive biographical film which is providing an amazing experience for the audience. Also, it will recover its budget very soon because of the incredible response from the public. This increased the excitement even more and raised expectations for the film’s success at the box office.

Oppenheimer Movie Review in Brief

The film is an emotional biographical drama which Christopher Nolan has directed. The film is about the life of J. Robert who was a famous physicist who played an important role in creating the atomic bomb during World War 2. Cillian Murphy does an excellent job in playing the character of Oppenheimer and the movie focuses more on his struggles than just the scientific role of bomb development. The rest of the cast like Matt, Emily, and Robert also gave outstanding performances.

Nolan’s direction has made this film even more impressive. The film does a great job of showing the tough moral decisions and sacrifices. Also, the makers didn’t use CGI to show the bomb which is good and this is a must-watch biographical film that should be watched at least once in theatres.


What is the budget of Oppenheimer?

The budget is 1$ Crores which is around 820 Crores in Indian rupees.

What is Oppenheimer Box Office Collection Day 1?

The movie managed to earn 13.5 Crores INR on day 1.

Will Oppenheimer be a hit or a flop at the box office?

According to famous movie critics, the film will be a Hit at the box office seeing its performance at the box office.

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