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Sleep is a serious business, and no one understands that better than Saatva, the luxury mattress brand that’s making a big splash in the sleep industry with its range of high-quality premium mattresses engineered to ensure your dreams are always good. 

Saatva is one of the largest and most reputable online mattress companies, and its stellar mattress ratings have established the brand’s reputation for delivering premium sleep solutions straight to your door. Your mattress will be brought directly to your bedroom by the company’s white glove-wearing delivery team. No stuffed-in-a-box service here. 

Free delivery, plus the removal of your old mattress, is just one of the many reasons why people are raving about Saatva in mattress reviews. The brand’s use of eco-friendly materials, their commitment to tailored support and comfort whether you’re a back, side, or stomach sleeper, and their future-forward use of materials and construction techniques make Saatva’s some of the best luxury mattresses you can buy online. 

After all, there’s a reason why so many 5-star luxury hotels use Saatva mattresses in their most upscale suites. 

To help you find the Saatva mattress that’s best for you, we’ll review the brand’s three bestsellers:

The Saatva Classic is the brand’s flagship hybrid innerspring mattress and one of the brand’s most popular mattresses. It’s a great all-rounder and a particularly good value mattress.

Then there’s the Loom & Leaf, Saatva’s memory foam option, ideal for couples thanks to its motion isolation capabilities.

Finally, the Zenhaven is the more expensive crème de la crème of Saatva mattresses, with its 100% natural Talalay latex. It’s also the most versatile, thanks to its flippable design.


Saatva classic mattress review summary - Luxe Digital
  • Good airflow
  • Nice range of firmness levels
  • Excellent for back pain
  • Reinforced edge support
  • No memory foam option
  • Price: $995 to $2,710


Loom & Leaf mattress review summary - Luxe Digital
  • Great temperature regulation
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Excellent foam mattresses
  • Less responsive
  • More expensive
  • Price: $1,195 to $3,150


Zenhavean mattress review summary - Luxe Digital
  • Very responsive
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Cooling capabilities
  • More expensive
  • Too bouncy for some people
  • Price: $1,795 to $3,990

We’ve included the current retail prices for each, but you should always check Saatva’s website to see if there are seasonal sales or discounts available.

Saatva Classic mattress review

Saatva classic luxury mattress review - Luxe Digital

You’ve got the pajamas, luxurious robe and slippers, and hotel-style bed sheets. To complete your premium night-time set-up, all you need is the most comfortable mattress. Receiving ongoing praise in Saatva mattress reviews—and frequently the highest-rated mattress on the Saatva site—the Saatva Classic is a great all-around mattress for those who want a balance of cushioning comfort and firm support. 

The hybrid mattress uses a combination of materials—memory foam and coils—and you can choose between three different firmness levels when buying your mattress to ensure that it meets your particular sleep preferences. 

Two layers of coils offer great back support, the perfect amount of bounce, as well as good airflow.

Overall, it’s an exceptionally well-priced luxury mattress. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a mattress of this quality in this price range from another mattress brand online.

Best for: Sleepers of any position, but especially back sleepers.

The pros:

  • Good airflow for cool sleeping.
  • Range of firmness options.
  • Provides extra support for those who suffer from back pain.
  • Reinforced edge support.

The cons:

  • Doesn’t offer the super-soft ‘sink-in’ feeling of memory foam.
  • Less supportive for heavier individuals.

The alternatives:

  • For another hybrid mattress, check out the Leesa hybrid, which features both foam and springs. 
  • If you’re looking for a mattress with good airflow and breathability like the Saatva Classic, the TEMPUR-breeze is optimized for a cool sleeping experience, featuring innovative technology to absorb heat and promote air circulation. 
  • Like the Saatva Classic, the Puffy Lux Mattress provides great support for back sleepers, featuring body-adapting dual-foam that minimizes strain from pressure points.
  • For more luxury mattress inspiration, check out our round-up of the best luxury mattresses.

Mattress performance


The Saatva Classic features a support core of 13-gauge hourglass coils, a major durability boost, especially when combined with the individually-wrapped comfort coils. This dual-coil system means extra sturdiness and a reliable guarantee that this top-rated mattress will last and won’t lose its firmness with ongoing use. The foam edges also offer additional durability and deter sagging. 

Construction & materials

The mattress is made of a combination of materials. There’s the plush Euro pillow-top, made of breathable and hypoallergenic cotton. Then there are the comfort coils, made from recycled steel and that respond and contour to your body and absorb motion. Next is the memory foam layer, located in the middle of the mattress and designed to relieve pressure and boost back support. 

Finally, there’s the base, made of 13-gauge support coils for optimum durability. 

Edge support

The Saatva Classic features high-density foam rails that run around the whole perimeter of the mattress. This creates particularly firm edge support that prevents sagging or sinking when you lie near the edge of the mattress. These reinforced edges also make getting out of your Saatva bed easier. 

However, it’s worth noting that the Plush Soft version isn’t quite as firm as the Luxury Firm or Firm models, so users might want to pick accordingly. 

Temperature regulation

The polyfoam and fiber of the Euro pillow top offer a breathable alternative to memory foam. A knit cover made of organic cotton also allows for a decent amount of airflow, keeping you cool during summer nights. The hourglass coils also permit air to circulate more freely throughout the mattress, dissipating heat to ensure optimum temperature regulation. This means you can stay at a pleasant temperature without having to kick the covers off. 

Motion isolation

The Saatva Classic uses less foam than other hybrid mattresses, instead opting for an extra layer of springs. The thinner foam layers and the fiber fill of the Euro pillow top absorb some motion, but when your partner changes position or gets up in the night, you may still notice as motion isolation isn’t total. Light sleepers might find this frustrating and should opt for the Plush Soft version of the Saatva Classic, which absorbs slightly more movement. 


Mattress Type Innerspring
Firmness Soft, medium, or firm
Thickness 11.5 or 14.5 inches (29 or 37 cm)

Mattress sizes and prices

Mattress size Price
Twin $995
Twin XL $1,355
Full $1,895
Queen $1,995
King $2,445
Split King $2,710
Cal King $2,445
Split Cal King $2,710

Loom & Leaf mattress review

Loom & Leaf luxury mattress review - Luxe Digital

If you’re after a premium memory foam mattress, Saatva’s Loom & Leaf mattress is your ticket to a dream night’s sleep. The top-rated mattress is made with deluxe 5-lb memory foam and comes in two firmness options: Relaxed Firm and Firm. The former balances comfort and contouring support, while the latter is ideal for stomach sleepers. 

Fed up with being woken up by your partner’s tossing and turning? The motion isolation capabilities of this top-rated mattress make it ideal for couples who are light sleepers. Loom & Leaf reviews are full of stories of people whose sleep has been transformed by this luxury mattress.

Best for: All sleepers, although stomach sleepers should opt for the Firm model.

The pros:

  • Great temperature regulation thanks to the gel-infused foam. 
  • Eco-friendly materials. 
  • That delicious ‘hugging’ feeling you only get with good quality foam mattresses.

The cons:

  • Not as responsive as the Saatva Classic, so changing sleeping position is harder. 
  • More expensive than all-foam bed-in-a-box options, although better quality and longer-lasting.

The alternatives:

  • For a more budget-friendly memory foam mattress, check out the Nectar Memory Foam mattress.
  • If you like the cushioned feel of memory foam but want more responsiveness, try Cocoon’s Chill Hybrid, which combines memory foam with fabric-encased coils for targeted body support.
  • Or there’s the innovative Purple Bed, made of a gel Grid and dual-layer foam, balancing cushioning support with flex and responsiveness.

Mattress performance


The high-quality construction of the Loom & Leaf mattress will ensure that it lasts a long time. The super-dense memory foam layers also mean this mattress will last longer than your average run-of-the-mill memory foam mattress. There’s also the 6-inch (15 cm) base of high-density polyfoam, which ensures the mattress has a stable foundation. 

However, the Loom & Leaf isn’t as durable as Saatva’s Zenhaven mattress, which is made of long-lasting organic latex. 

Construction & materials

This top-rated mattress features a hypoallergenic and antimicrobial organic cotton cover as well as a flame barrier made of non-toxic natural thistle. Then there’s gel-infused foam for improved breathability and lower back support in the spinal zone. Next comes the ultra-premium 5-lb memory foam for support at all major pressure points, followed by a high-density foam base. 

Saatva uses foams made from renewable oils that produce fewer greenhouse gases, making this mattress an eco-friendly choice. 

Edge support

Unlike most memory foam mattresses that are known for having weak edges, the Loom & Leaf offers some edge support so you can roll right over to the side of the bed. Saatva reviews by other customers often rave about the minimal bending, sagging, or sinking. 

However, it’s not as supportive as the Saatva Classic. If you want more support from the Loom & Leaf, we recommend going for the Firm rather than the Relaxed Firm. 

Temperature regulation

Memory foam mattresses typically don’t have as much airflow as innerspring mattresses, but this Loom & Leaf mattress ensures temperature regulation thanks to the gel-infused foam that keeps you cool as you sleep. The breathable organic cotton cover will also keep you at a pleasant temperature through the night. 

Motion isolation

The memory foam layers help minimize motion transfer between people across the Saatva bed. The high-density memory foam base has a particularly slow response to pressure which helps isolate motion. The Loom & Leaf is, therefore, an ideal mattress for light sleepers who are frequently woken up by their partner. 

Fun anecdote: In the Saatva reviews, one woman says that the Loom & Leaf has saved her from having to resort to sleeping on the floor to escape her partner’s tossing and turning.


Mattress type Memory foam
Firmness Medium or firm
Thickness 12 inches (30 cm)

Mattress sizes and prices

Size Price
Twin $1,195
Twin XL $1,575
Full $2,295
Queen $2,395
King $2,745
Split King $3,150
Cal King $2,745
Split Cal King $3,150

Zenhaven mattress review

Zenhavean luxury mattress review - Luxe Digital

Zenhaven, an amalgamation of zen and haven, tells you all you need to know about this Saatva mattress. The Zenhaven will take you on the most serene sleep retreat ever. You’ve probably seen other Zenhaven mattress reviews online by other customers saying that this is the best mattress they’ve ever slept on.

Made of 100% natural Talalay latex, it provides optimum pressure-free support. What’s more, the materials are all incredibly eco-friendly, from the all-natural and sustainably sourced latex to the organic cotton. 

But the biggest unique selling point of the Zenhaven? You can flip it. On one side, you have the Luxury Plus for a softly cushioned feel. The other side offers gentle firmness that’s ideal for stomach and back sleepers.

Best for: All sleepers. Simply flip the mattress to get support specific to your preferences.

The pros:

  • Incredibly responsive design, ideal for those who shift position regularly. 
  • Long-lasting durability. 
  • Cooling capabilities. 
  • Flippable design.

The cons:

  • More expensive than the Saatva Classic. 
  • Quite heavy to flip on a regular basis. 
  • The responsive feel might be too bouncy for some people.

The alternatives:

  • If you’re looking for a mattress that offers medium support like the Zenhaven, Helix’s Dusk Luxe mattress is not too firm or too soft, ideal for couples who have different sleep preferences. 
  • If eco-friendly and natural materials are your priority, we recommend Avocado’s Green Mattress, which features organic latex, organic wool, and organic cotton.
  • If you like the Zenhaven but want something with more support around the perimeter, the WinkBed offers medium-firmness with additional edge support.

Mattress performance


Latex is one of the most naturally durable materials for mattresses, and the Zenhaven features a highly resilient base layer of Talalay latex, a more long-lasting alternative to denser Dunlop latex. While the all-latex construction makes it quite a heavy mattress, the Talalay latex does deliver consistent firmness, making this a good choice for those over 200 lbs (90 kg). 

What’s more, you can flip the mattress to avoid permanent sagging, making the Zenhaven ideal for those seeking long-term investment and also making the higher price tag worth it. We recommend that you flip it at least once a year for optimal results.

Construction & materials

The Zenhaven features a Talalay latex support core followed by a Talalay latex layer with five distinct zones of density, offering specific support to different regions. The latex is all-natural, and responsibly sourced from the sap of rubber trees, giving this mattress serious eco-credentials. It’s also hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, mold-resistant, and dust-mite resistant. Pretty much the dream material, in other words. 

In addition to the latex, you’ve got New Zealand wool, a natural flame retardant, and organic cotton.

Edge support

The latex of the Zenhaven does offer some support around the perimeter, and you can easily sit on the edge of the bed without sliding off. However, it doesn’t feature reinforced edges like the Saatva Classic, and heavier individuals may find that the sides sag when lying down. To avoid this, opt for a bigger version of the mattress. 

Temperature regulation

Latex is a naturally cool material—much cooler than memory foam. What’s more, Talalay latex is open-cell, making it the most breathable latex on the market. The addition of pin core holes also allows heat to escape efficiently, while breathable cotton and moisture-wicking New Zealand wool both work to regulate your body temperature and draw away heat. 

Motion isolation

The high point elasticity of Talalay latex means the Zenhaven offers more motion isolation than the Saatva Classic but not as much as the Loom & Leaf. It makes very little noise as sleepers shift about. 

However, for couples who are light sleepers, they may either want to try the Luxury Plus side—which offers more motion isolation than the Gentle Firm side—or switch to Saatva’s Loom & Leaf mattress. 


Mattress type Latex
Firmness Medium and Firm in one flippable mattress
Thickness 10 inches (25 cm)

Mattress sizes and prices

Size Price
Twin $1,795
Twin XL $1,995
Full $2,595
Queen $3,195
King $3,695
Split King $3,990
Cal King $3,695

Saatva Vs. Casper

Saatva and Casper mattresses differ in terms of construction techniques and quality. The Saatva Classic is similar to a traditional innerspring mattress, while the Casper Original mattress is an all-foam mattress. This makes sleeping on a Saatva mattress great for firm support, while the Casper is better for those seeking cushioning comfort. 

The Saatva Classic provides more airflow due to the reduced amount of foam. However, the Casper Original mattress offers slightly superior motion isolation. But if edge support is a priority for you, opt for the Saatva Classic. 

Additionally, the Saatva Classic comes in three different levels of firmness, while the Casper mattress comes only in a medium-firmness option. 

The price of the all-foam Casper mattresses is fairly similar to that of the Saatva Classic, but when it comes to durability, Saatva easily comes out on top. Innerspring mattresses, with their coil systems, are more long-lasting than foam.

Check Casper’s website to see their latest offers.

Saatva vs Casper luxury mattress reviews - Luxe Digital

Where to buy Saatva mattresses

Saatva mattresses can be bought online from Saatva’s official website. The mattresses come with a lifetime warranty and a 365-day sleep trial to give you time to decide if you like it. 

Unfortunately, Saatva doesn’t currently deliver directly to Hawaii or Alaska, but they can arrange delivery through a freight forwarder if needed. 

Everywhere else, your Saatva mattress will be hand-delivered to your door and set up in your room of choice. If you’re not available at the time of delivery, their team will wait 20 minutes and then call you to arrange another delivery at no charge to you. 

If your mattress can’t fit up the stairs, don’t panic. Saatva will take it back and exchange it for one of a different size or height at no charge except for the $99 transportation cost. And if you need to change the delivery date, you won’t be charged. 

You can refund or exchange your mattress for a $99 transport fee. 

Saatva mattresses online deals discounts - Luxe Digital

Frequently asked questions about Saatva mattresses

Is Saatva really a good mattress?

Saatva makes great mattresses. The mattress brand has three top-selling mattresses: the innerspring Saatva Classic, the memory foam Loom & Leaf, and the latex Zenhaven, and each one is made of high-quality and eco-friendly materials. In total, Saatva offers seven different luxury mattresses, each answering a particular need.

What hotels use Saatva mattresses?

Many luxury hotels like St Regis, Four Seasons, and Park Hyatt are using Saatva mattresses because of their ability to deliver premium cushioning and support and designs that are optimized to ensure the highest levels of comfort.

Do Saatva mattresses sag?

Saatva mattresses are designed not to sag thanks to their long-lasting materials and durable construction. If you’re worried about your mattress sagging, opt for the Saatva Classic, which features reinforced edges for support around the perimeter.

Is Saatva worth the money?

Saatva mattress is worth the money thanks to the durable and eco-friendly materials and innovative design. Compared to other premium mattresses by online mattress companies, Saatva models are actually quite affordable.

How much is a Saatva mattress?

The price of a Saatva mattress depends on the mattress type. The least expensive is the Saatva Classic, an innerspring mattress currently retailing for $1,995 for a Queen Size. The most expensive is the Zenhaven, retailing at $3,195 for a Queen.

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