The Power of Vastu Pyramids For Vastu Home In 2023


Do you want to explore the world of Vastu pyramids and their incredible potential to transform your home in 2023. Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian architectural science, emphasizes the significance of harmonious energy flow in our living spaces. By incorporating Vastu pyramids into your home, you can tap into their unique energetic properties to promote balance, positivity, and well-being. In this article, we will delve into the power of vastu pyramids on walls and explore how they can enhance the Vastu compliance of your home, bringing harmony and prosperity to every corner. Get ready to unlock the secrets of Vastu pyramids and create a blissful living environment in the year ahead.

Understanding a Vastu Pyramid

The Power of Vastu Pyramids

A Vastu shastra pyramid is a specially designed pyramid-shaped object that is used in Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural science. It is believed to possess energetic properties that can influence the energy flow within a living or working space. The Vastu pyramid is typically made of materials like copper, brass, or crystal and is crafted with specific dimensions and angles based on Vastu principles.
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The design of a Vastu pyramid is based on sacred geometry, with precise proportions and angles that are believed to amplify and balance energy. The pyramid shape is revered in many cultures and is considered to have inherent energetic qualities. In Vastu Shastra, it is believed that the pyramid shape can help optimize the flow of positive energy, known as prana or chi, while minimizing the impact of negative energies.

The shape of a pyramid is said to be the best shape to neutralize negative energy and increase positive energy. It creates harmony between the energies and is said to be good at removing or recycling stagnant energy. The pyramid is said to have powers that can elevate the mental, physical and emotional state of those who are exposed to its vibrations. Even vastu pyramids for wealth are present. All you need to know is how to use them correctly. .

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There was even an experiment carried out using Kirlian photography (a way to capture the colours of aura). People were exposed to the Vastu Pyramid and the colour and size of their aura changed after they were exposed to the pyramid showing that it actually did have a positive impact on them.

This is why you will also notice the pyramid structure is used in many ancient cultures like the Egyptians and Indians. In Egypt, this structure was used to bury the dead. The structure was so sound that it still stands today, 1000’s of years after it was built. The sloping walls also protected the sacred sarcophagus inside by keeping away the negative energy.
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In India, this shape was used in many temples. The pyramid shape of the domes was a very common feature of most temples and right under the domes is where they placed the main idol. This is why a visit to the temple makes one feel lighter and more energized.

How Vastu Pyramids Work

According to the principles of Vastu Shastra, a Vastu pyramid is believed to work by harnessing and channeling the cosmic and earth energies within a space. Here are some aspects of how a Vastu pyramid is thought to work:

  1. Energy Amplification: The pyramid shape is believed to amplify and focus the energies present in its surroundings. It is said to create a concentrated field of energy, enhancing the flow and intensity of positive energies while reducing the impact of negative energies.
  2. Energy Balancing: Vastu pyramids are considered to have the ability to balance the energies within a space. By placing a pyramid in specific locations, such as the center of a building or in areas where energy flow is stagnant, it is believed to harmonize the energy patterns and restore balance.
  3. Energy Clearing: Vastu pyramids are thought to help clear negative energies or blockages that may be present in a space. They are believed to absorb and transmute negative vibrations, promoting a more positive and purified environment.
  4. Alignment with Cosmic Forces: The pyramid shape is associated with cosmic forces and is believed to align with the Earth’s magnetic field and universal energies. This alignment is said to enhance the overall energy balance and create a favorable environment.
  5. Sacred Geometry: The specific geometric proportions of the pyramid shape are considered sacred and resonate with harmonious vibrations. It is believed that these geometric qualities interact with the energy patterns in a space, promoting a more harmonious and energetically balanced environment.

Scientific Aspect Of Vastu Pyramids

The scientific aspect of Vastu pyramids lies in their geometric shape and the principles of energy. Pyramids, known for their unique structure, possess inherent energetic properties that can influence the surrounding environment. Here are a few scientific aspects associated with Vastu pyramids:
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  1. Sacred Geometry: The pyramid shape is considered sacred and resonates with specific geometric proportions. It is believed to amplify and harmonize energy due to its precise angles and dimensions.
  2. Energy Conduction: Pyramids are known to facilitate the conduction of energy. The pointed apex of the pyramid acts as a conductor, allowing energy to flow smoothly and evenly within its surroundings.
  3. Energy Cleansing and Balancing: The geometry of the pyramid is said to have the ability to cleanse and balance the energy within its vicinity. It can help to neutralize negative energies and promote a more harmonious and positive environment.
  4. Vortex Energy: Some theories propose that pyramids generate vortex energy at their apex. This energy is believed to create a subtle field that can influence the surrounding space, enhancing the flow of energy and promoting well-being.
  5. Resonance and Frequency: Pyramids are thought to resonate with specific frequencies and vibrations. This resonance may help align the energy within a space with the desired energetic qualities, creating a more conducive environment for overall balance and positivity.

The types of Vastu Pyramids

The type of pyramid you require is dependent on what it is being used for and where. The pyramid that you need to activate a brahmasthala is different from the one you would need to fix the energy in a multi-storied apartment. Even the material used to make the pyramid will vary based on where it is used. To get the best and most accurate suggestion, it is best to seek advice from a qualified Vastu consultant.
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The Flat Max Pyramid

For those looking for something subtle, yet powerful, the Flat Max Pyramid is the best choice. This is ideal for flats and apartments. It is said that it can even be placed under tiles when you are laying the floor, so before a builder sells you an apartment, this can be done. This is on HPM, Horizontal Power Method and has 9 Gold pyramids and 81 Pyra-grid. This is great are creating more positive energy and shows positive results fast.

The Power of Vastu Pyramids
Picture Courtesy – pyramidmart

Multier 9×9 pyramid

This is a stackable pyramid and has a Pyra Top, Pyra plate and nine Pyra chips. The pyra chips are placed (or glued) on the Pyra plate and then covered by the Pyra Top. This can be placed in the middle of the house or even stuck to the ceiling. Depending on the problem you are facing, the number of Multier can increase in multiples of 9 such as 27, 81 and 405.

The Power of Vastu Pyramids
Picture Courtesy – astromantra

Bemor 9×9 Pyramid

This type of pyramid is usually attached to the front door or main door of your house. This tool is not just effective for Vastu correction but in Feng Shui correct too. It is a 9×9 set that contains a Lotus power 9-hole plate, one PyraPlate and nine PyraChips. This is known to bring about good luck and even more powerful when 2 are placed beside the main door.

The Power of Vastu Pyramids
Picture Courtesy – astrodevam

Super max pyramid

This super max pyramid is said to be more fine-tuned and is great at bringing positive energy in the forms of health and prosperity. The accurate dimensions, 9-layer energy grid, multi-action Pro Max top with a Mini Max at the top, the 4 side gold triangular interchanging plates on the top, and more. This is powerful and effective.

The Power of Vastu Pyramids
Picture Courtesy – flixcart

Benefits Of Vastu Pyramids

Vastu pyramids are believed to offer several benefits when incorporated into a living or working space. While the effectiveness of these pyramid benefits may vary depending on individual beliefs and experiences, here are some commonly cited advantages of using pyramid for vastu dosh correction:

  1. Enhanced Energy Flow: Vastu pyramids are believed to optimize the flow of positive energy, also known as prana or chi, within a space. This improved energy circulation is thought to create a harmonious and revitalizing environment.
  2. Improved Vastu Compliance: By placing Vastu pyramids strategically in accordance with Vastu principles, it is believed that they can help correct or enhance the energy imbalances in a space. This alignment with Vastu guidelines is thought to promote overall well-being and prosperity.
  3. Positive Vibes and Atmosphere: Vastu pyramids are said to emit positive vibrations that can uplift the ambiance of a room or space. They are believed to create a serene, calm, and positive atmosphere, promoting a sense of peace and tranquility.
  4. Protection from Negative Energies: It is believed that Vastu pyramids have the ability to neutralize or repel negative energies and vibrations. They are thought to act as energetic shields, safeguarding the space and its occupants from harmful influences.
  5. Mental Clarity and Focus: Vastu pyramids are associated with improved mental clarity, concentration, and focus. It is believed that their presence can help clear mental blockages, enhance productivity, and support a more balanced state of mind.
  6. Spiritual Connection: Vastu pyramids are considered to have a spiritual significance, connecting individuals to higher realms of consciousness. They are thought to facilitate meditation, spiritual growth, and a deeper sense of connection to one’s inner self.
  7. Energetic Healing: Some proponents suggest that Vastu pyramids can assist in energy healing processes by harmonizing the energetic imbalances within the body and environment. They are believed to support physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Where To Place Vastu Pyramids:

Wondering how to use pyramids for vastu correction? When it comes to placing Vastu pyramids, the specific guidelines may vary based on individual beliefs and Vastu traditions. However, here are some general suggestions for placing Vastu pyramids:

  1. Center of the House: Placing a Vastu pyramid in the central area of the house, such as the living room or the Brahmasthan (the central portion of the building), is considered auspicious. It is believed to help distribute positive energy throughout the entire space.
  2. Altar or Prayer Room: If you have an altar or prayer room in your house, you can place a Vastu pyramid there. This is thought to enhance the spiritual vibrations and create a sacred space for meditation and prayer.
  3. Important Rooms: Consider placing Vastu pyramids in rooms where you spend a significant amount of time, such as the bedroom, study room, or home office. This can help create a positive and harmonious environment in areas where you need focus, relaxation, or creativity.
  4. Energy-Blocked Areas: Identify areas in your home where energy feels stagnant or blocked. Placing a Vastu pyramid in such areas is believed to help clear and revitalize the energy flow, promoting a more balanced and vibrant atmosphere.
  5. Entrance and Exit Points: Some Vastu traditions suggest placing pyramids near the main entrance or exit points of the house. Vastu pyramid for the main door is believed to create a positive energy barrier and protect the space from negative influences.
  6. Geopathic Stress Zones: If you are aware of geopathic stress zones, which are areas with negative earth energies, you can place Vastu pyramids to counterbalance these energies and create a more harmonious environment.
  7. Workspaces: For home offices or workspaces, consider placing a Vastu pyramid on your desk or in the area where you conduct your work. This is thought to enhance productivity, concentration, and positive vibrations in the work environment.

Vastu Pyramid For Main Entrance

Placing pyramid for home vastu at the home entrance is believed to be beneficial in Vastu Shastra to promote positive energy flow and harmony. Here are some suggestions for using Vastu pyramids at the entrance of your home:

  1. Pyramid at the Main Door: Consider placing a Vastu pyramid near or above the main entrance door of your home. This can be positioned on a shelf, ledge, or attached to the wall. The pyramid is believed to act as an energy enhancer, attracting positive energy into the house.
  2. Facing the Right Direction: Ensure that the Vastu pyramid is aligned with the correct direction. In Vastu Shastra, the main entrance should ideally face a favorable direction based on the occupant’s birth chart or the compass directions. The pyramid should be positioned to face the same direction as the entrance. This suggests that the benefits of vastu pyramid for south west entrance will differ from benefits of vastu pyramid for south east entrance. So, select your crystal pyramid as per vastu. 
  3. Placement on Threshold or Doorstep: Some Vastu traditions suggest placing a small pyramid on the threshold or doorstep of the entrance. This is believed to energize the entryway and invite positive energy into the home.
  4. Pairing with Good Luck Symbols: Consider placing the Vastu pyramid alongside good luck symbols or auspicious objects such as a horseshoe, swastika, or images of deities associated with prosperity and protection. This combination is thought to enhance the positive energy and blessings at the entrance.
  5. Clear Pathway: Ensure that the pathway leading to the entrance is clear and unobstructed. This allows the energy to flow smoothly and invites positive vibrations into the home.

Vastu Pyramid For Toilet And Bathroom

In Vastu Shastra, the placement of vastu pyramid for toilets and bathrooms is not a common practice. Bathrooms and toilets are considered areas where the energy flow is inherently different and focused on eliminating waste. Therefore, the application of Vastu principles in these spaces may have limited significance. 

However, if you still wish to incorporate Vastu pyramids in your bathroom or toilet area, here are a few suggestions:

  1. General Placement: You can place a small Vastu pyramid on a shelf or countertop in the bathroom or toilet area. Make sure it is securely positioned and away from water sources to prevent any damage. 
  2. Energetic Balancing: The intention behind placing a Vastu pyramid in a bathroom or toilet could be to balance the energy within the space. It is believed that the pyramid shape can help neutralize negative energies and promote a more harmonious environment.
  3. Personal Beliefs: The decision to place Vastu pyramids in bathrooms or toilets ultimately depends on personal beliefs and preferences. If you have a strong inclination towards using Vastu pyramids in these spaces, you may choose to do so based on your own understanding and interpretation.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness of Vastu pyramids in bathrooms and toilets is largely based on individual beliefs and anecdotal evidence. Vastu Shastra itself does not emphasize specific guidelines for these spaces. As always, it’s advisable to approach the use of Vastu pyramids with an open mind and consider them as a complementary approach rather than a definitive solution.

These problems are easy to fix with the right aids. There is no simple solution, but these Vastu pyramids are a step in the right direction. If you feel that the property is still not balanced, or you just need a change in your life, look for homes here. There is plenty to choose from and you will find a home that you and the family loves. The best part is, there is ZERO brokerage by clicking below.


Q1. How should a pyramid be used according to Vastu?

A1: Ideal Vastu pyramidal orientation
1.To enhance the general well-being of the residents of the house, keep the Vastu pyramid in the northeast corner.
2. If you want to ensure restful sleep, keep it in the southwest corner.

Q2. Does the Vastu pyramid work?

A2. A pyramid in the home is deemed advantageous by the Vastu Shastra. Maintaining a pyramid in the home boosts household wealth and increases income for all occupants. The area where the residents of the house spend the most time should be where the pyramid is placed.

Q3. Can the pyramid be kept in the pooja room?

A3. The ceiling in your pooja room ought to be low. A gopura-like or pyramid-shaped top will help to create a positive atmosphere. If there is enough room, a threshold and a two-door entry should also be taken into account.

Q4. What does the pyramid represent?

A4. The pyramids represent the significance of life after death to the ancient Egyptians. Pyramids might have been thought of as a way for a deceased pharaoh’s soul to travel straight to the place where the gods reside. These buildings served as a representation of the pharaoh’s strength and authority as well as a source of awe and respect.

Q5. How does pyramid meditation work?

A5. Pyramid meditation entails meditating beneath an obliquely constructed pyramid. These structures function both as transmitters and receivers of cosmic energy.

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