Top 10 best seven-seater cars 2024


Buy a longer-wheelbase, five-door Land Rover Defender 110 and the firm will offer you a choice of five-, six- or seven passenger seats, while the elongated 130 seats eight in a two, three, three formation.

Sadly, for legislative reasons, you can’t order the latter with the jump seat in between the driver and front seat passenger, which would otherwise have made it a nine-seater (and, in the UK at least, in need of registration as a minibus).

However, that probably won’t stop some people from retrofitting jump seats to secondhand examples (or even seven-seat 110s) in years to come.

Even without this as an official option, though, this car has impressive versatility. The seven-seat Defender has third-row chairs that are a little smaller than those of the related Discovery’s, but still perfectly usable by children, teenagers and smaller adults. In the 130 you can have all eight on board and still have a very usable 400-litre boot, although the trade-off is the car’s vast 5358mm length that makes it something of a squash and a squeeze in most parking spaces.

This is also an expensive car, with even the very cheapest five-door passenger-car models pushing £50,000 – but, unlike the old Defender, it drives nearly as well as almost any luxury SUV of its size and type, has a broad range of modern electrified powertrains, and has off-road capability to spare.

As a big, desirable family workhorse, you couldn’t ask for much better.

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6. Kia Sorento

6 Kia sorento 2023 top 10

Pros: Versatile powertrain selection, spacious and stylish interior, ride comfort 

Cons: Ride and handling lacks polish, weak hybrid, expensive

The unuttered truth about full-sized seven-seat SUVs, which many of the cars in this chart confirm, is that most of them don’t come for the same price as a full-sized MPV. The Kia Sorento, which has just entered a fourth model generation, used to be a rather glorious exception to that rule.

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