Top 10 best small electric cars 2024


The E is available in 134bhp and 152bhp forms, but neither has quite the battery capacity of rivals: 35.5kWh gross is all you get here, which makes for a claimed WLTP range of 136 miles maximum (with the car on 16in wheels). In testing, we struggled to get much more than 100 from our test car, which had 17in rims.

To drive, the E feels plush, composed and easy to operate, with medium-paced steering but a tight turning circle, and moderate but responsive performance. It didn’t excite us, and it doesn’t offer the last word in background body control, but it’s a relaxing zero-emissions city car and its alternative styling is exceptionally endearing. It’s helped here by genuine one-pedal driving, which, once mastered, delivers greater driver engagement and enhanced efficiency.

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8. GWM Ora 03

Ora funky cat top 10

Pros: Cutesy looks, plush and spacious interior, decently mature ride and handling

Cons: Lacks some features, buggy infotainment software, light steering, limited range

The GMW Ora 03 (formerly Ora Funky Cat), from Chinese car manufacturing group Great Wall Motors, might grab your attention for any number of reasons. It’s a fairly large and practical car among its peers, after all, with a fairly eye-catching price. It’s based on a model platform that GWM has called ‘LEMON’ – although quite what that acronym stands for, or why you’d want to use it, is unclear. 

The car itself is a mixed bag. It’s certainly spacious by class standards, and moderately attractive – although, while rear leg room is generous, rear head room is hamstrung by the car’s under-seat battery location.

There are plenty of notes of material richness about the cabin, but also as many cheap touches. The infotainment system has plenty of functionality but a fiddly and infuriating layout of very small controls.

On the road, the car rides and handles well enough, but it steers discouragingly lightly, and has quite roughly tuned electronic stability control. Performance is quite strong when the battery is fully charged, but it deteriorates notably as it nears depletion. Cabin noise isolation is also a clear weak point for the car.

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