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Vermont farm and distillery WhistlePig is best known for its premium sourced rye whiskeys, distilled in Canada and Indiana and brought to the Northeast for blending and cask finishing. But the distillery has also been making its own whiskey onsite over the past few years and releasing bottles under the FarmStock label. The latest batch of these Vermont whiskeys is part of the Beyond Bonded series, with a new addition and one significant change from past releases.

The first Beyond Bonded expressions, a bourbon and a rye, came out in 2021 as limited releases entirely produced from grain to bottle in Vermont, with one weird quirk. The bottled in bond designation has a few key points, most importantly that the whiskey is made at one distillery during one distilling season, is at least four years old, and is bottled at 100 proof. So the Beyond Bonded name seemed to be a play on this legal marker because the whiskey was bottled at 100.1 proof, but some found this to be an unnecessary and misleading marketing tactic. Well, this summer’s release has dialed the proof ever so slightly back to exactly 100, meaning that the whiskey is now more actually bonded than beyond bonded.

There were 23 barrels produced for this new batch, and in a first for WhistlePig three of these were straight wheat whiskey made from a mashbill of 100 percent wheat. The rest consisted of 11 barrels of rye whiskey (made from a mashbill of 100 percent rye), and nine barrels of bourbon (made from a very high rye mashbill of 51 percent corn and 49 percent rye). A great deal of information can be found about each release at the WhistlePig website, including barrel fill date and char level, grain varietal, and even soil chemistry if you really want to get into the proverbial weeds. “Beyond Bonded is our greatest experiment in that we can control every detail of the process here on the farm,” said chief blender Meghan Ireland in a statement. “Then, to turn that innovative spirit into whiskeys that are truly unique in quality and complexity. It started with rye, and we’re having a grand time doing the same with bourbon, wheat and other whiskeys.”

These whiskeys can be found exclusively in Vermont through the end of the summer at the distillery, the tasting room in Quechee, and select bars, restaurants, and stores. However, you can find previous Beyond Bonded releases from websites like Caskers and Total Wine for sale as well.

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