Chrysler previews electric cars with radical super-saloon


Its rakish, low-slung silhouette was obviously conceived with an stringent focus on aerodynamic efficiency – enhanced by the integration of a huge front scoop that passes through the front of the car to smooth airflow. 

This large vent, Chrysler highlighted, is visible from the front seats, giving “the driver a real-world connection with the concept’s performance and functionality”. 

Another future-looking design cue is the wraparound LED light bar at the front, decorated by a new illuminated Chrysler logo.

The Elemental Silver paintwork is designed to “give the aesthetic illusion” that the car is constructed entirely from recycled metals, in a nod to the brand’s sustainability ambitions.

It noted that the cabin is 95% finished in sustainable materials and it has used recycled CDs for various bits of trim.

The Halcyon unusually features canopy-style hinged glass panels in the roof that lift to give “an immersive experience” and improve ease of access, while the rear doors are butterfly-hinged – although neither of these features are likely to make production. 

Similarly conceptual are the fold-away yoke-style steering wheel and pedals and the fully reclining front seats, although they do nod to the autonomous capabilities of future Chryslers, made possible by Stellantis’s new STLA Brain software architecture.

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